The Toolbar is the link to several tools

Search Click the search icon to start a search, and choose from the available types of search filters more
Layers Click the Layers icon to open the Layers Panel more
Results List Click the icon to open the result list more
Draw Tools Polygon, line, circle, icon, label, overlay site plan, change target layer, create new markup more
Quick Measure Allows you to quickly draw a polygon, line or circle to view a temporary measurement on the map
Home Returns the map to your original extent and settings at login
Export Image Click the icon to export the image shown on your screen as a JPEG or PDF
Print Click the icon to open the print options
Bookmarks Click the icon to set a shortcut to a frequently viewed location. Click "add bookmark" to save a new bookmark and click "remove bookmark" to remove a bookmark
Undo and Redo Click the icon to move forward and backward through map pans and drawings on the map
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