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The Map Balloon Opens to Display Selected Information when a Layer Feature is
Clicked on the Map

Commands Provides the ability to access additional functionality for the identified feature. Click the commands button to open the command balloon.

More Results Displays at the bottom right corner of each window letting you know if additional data is available at your map location. A number displays when there are two or more identifiable (or active) layers at your map-click, or search location.

Click the Results down arrow to open a menu that lists the additional data layers. Click the layer you’d like see summary information for.

In the example to the right, CustomAddress and ParcelDetail are active layers. When there is only one active layer at your location, the window displays No Additional Results.

LandVision Map Balloon Multiple Results

LandVision Map Balloon No Additional Results

Map Balloon Displays comprehensive detail on the selected parcel, such as Land Use Description, Building Area to Lot Ratio, Last Market Sale stats. The map balloon is movable by selecting the header of the balloon and moving its location for individual preferences within the application interface. LandVision Movable Map Balloon

Interactive Hyperlinks Click on the interactive links in the balloons to uncover deeper information. Hyperlinks can take you directly to the Property Details or Transaction History Reports. You can also run an Owner Portfolio Search* and even turn parcel measurements on by clicking on Lot Area.

*Owner Portfolio Searches are only available in LandVision Commercial and Builder Developer editions.
LandVision Interactive Hotlinks

Tax Year
and Assessed Year
Located under the Value & Tax section within Parcel Details, the Tax Year displays the year that the tax amount was levied. The Assessment Year relates to when the current lien data was established. Tax Year and Asssessed Year
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