You can now link to the appropriate state website for researching corporate ownership information, all without leaving LandVision.
Quickly and seamlessly drill-down through a property's LLC-ownership structure to determine the ultimate owner of a property.

To use:
  • Select a parcel (outlined in green)
  • Select the “Business Name Lookup” tool from the Details Ledger to the left of the map screen. (If you don't see this command please contact the support desk for configuration.)
  • The Owner Name for your parcel of interest will be automatically populated. A list of results will be returned. Select the LLP/LLC Name of interest to view details
  • Close the web page when you're done to return to LandVision

Digital Map will be covering these new features at the beginning of our Introduction to Land Vision webinars occurring every Monday.

If you have questions or problems using these new features, contact Digital Map's Customer Success Team at:

If you'd like to view this document in the future, click on the "What's New" link in the upper right hand corner of your LandVision screen.

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