Now, you can access Google Earth from LandVision and move between the two applications.
Select a property in LandVision and view it from a different perspective, such as in 3-D, in Google.

From Google, navigate to a new location and seamlessly zoom in on that new area of interest in LandVision.

Create better and more integrated presentations with access to both products.
To use:
  • Important! You must first have Google Earth installed on your computer to use this feature:
  • Install the Digital Map Products Desktop Integrator (one-time): Click Here
  • Navigate to area of interest in LandVision (no need to select a parcel)
  • Right click and select “Open Google Earth” (this will open your Google Earth application)
  • Go back to LandVision and right click again and select “Set Google View” (this will return you to Google Earth and zoom you in to the area you have selected in LandVision)
  • If you want to view an area you've identified in Google back in LandVision, switch to LandVision, right click and select “Get View from Google” (this will take you to the area you were viewing in Google)

Digital Map will be covering these new features at the beginning of our Introduction to LandVision webinars occurring every Monday.

If you have questions or problems using these new features, contact Digital Map's Customer Success Team at:

If you'd like to view this document in the future, click on the "What's New" link in the upper right hand corner of your LandVision screen.

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