Digital Map Products is excited to announce the release of a new version of LandVision ™. Version 7.1.d brings enhancements to the existing functionality of LandVision ™ and introduces significant new functionality. Now, LandVision ™ users have greater insight into properties with expanded property data, including 10-year transaction history. The newly unveiled Data Loader capability lets you bring your proprietary and outside data sets into LandVision ™ in a few simple steps, letting you harness the visual analytical power of LandVision ™ for all your spatial data. All of these new features were designed to give you heightened spatial intelligence and let you extract the maximum value from your location-based data by capturing, combining, and analyzing it visually.


LandVision ™ now offers greatly enhanced property data, including 10-year transaction history for all properties. The redesigned Full Property Detail report and new Transaction History report present richer, better organized information to provide you with a more complete picture of properties of interest and speed your property analysis.

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To complement LandVision ™'s enhanced property and transaction data, we've added an Enhanced Property search form, new searchable fields to the Advanced Search feature, and more options with Export to Excel.

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Leveraging your organizational knowledge is key to gaining a competitive advantage in the current real estate market. The Projects feature in LandVision ™ lets you do just that. Now you can attach documents and add notes to projects and create a single project area out of multiple, non-adjacent parcels.

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The latest version of DMP's Desktop Print is now available. Not only does printing large format images require less memory, Desktop Print brings you greater printing flexibility with support for custom print templates. With a custom print template, you can control the layout and formatting of your prints and include notes and disclaimers unique to your organization.

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The Beta release of Data Loader takes your visual analysis to a new level by giving you a quick and easy way to bring outside data into LandVision ™.

Data Loader lets you load shape and csv files in a few simple steps so you can harness the visual analytical power of LandVision ™ and work with all your location-based data from one common application, regardless of its source.

To learn more about Data Loader and to participate in the Beta launch, contact Karen Figgins at or 714.727.1284.


Digital Map Products now offers on-demand online training videos. These complimentary videos are designed to give you an overview of the software and demonstrate how to use selected product features.

If you have questions or problems using these new features, contact Digital Map's Customer Success Team at:

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