The latest version of DMP's Desktop Print is now available and brings you greater printing and image generation flexibility with support of layers loaded through Data Loader and with the continued support of custom print templates. With support of Data Loader layers, you can now print the full array of layers to create a map that best represents your subject site and surrounding area. Further, with a custom print template, you can control the layout and formatting of your prints and include notes and disclaimers unique to your business.

Plus, Desktop Print can now create large format images and prints (up to E-size) faster through more efficient use of system memory.

To learn more about having a custom print template created for your account, contact DMP's Customer Success Team at or (888) 322-6277, extension 2.

  • Important:
    • To access the latest features in Desktop Print, you need to download a new version of the Desktop Integrator. Click here to download the latest version of Desktop Integrator.
    • To learn more about Desktop Print, Click here
  • Printing Data Loader Layers
    • Make sure any of your Data Loader layers you wish to print are selected on the ledger and visible on the map.
    • When you're ready to print your map shown on the screen, click the print icon to open the Desktop Print interface. Your Data Loader layers will be visible in the print preview window.
    • Make any necessary modifications to the paper size, orientation, or map zoom level and click the "Refresh Preview" button.
    • LandVision ™ also allows you to print Markups and standard layers in addition to Data Loader layers.
  • Custom Print Templates
    • Once created, your custom print template will display in the “Print Template” section of the print dialog box.
    • Select your preferred print template by clicking on one of the listed templates and then click the “Refresh Preview” button to see your custom template applied to your print job.
  • Other Enhancements
    • The interface now opens free of security warnings that previously interfered with the successful launch of the print module.


Digital Map Products now offers on-demand online training videos. These complimentary videos are designed to give you an overview of the software and demonstrate how to use selected product features.

If you have questions or problems using these new features, contact Digital Map's Customer Success Team at:

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