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In partnership with Zonability®, standardized zoning information is now available to you as an add-on for LandVision™.

Expand your property analysis capabilities with the ability to search for properties within specific zoned areas and avoid spending valuable time having to look at individual properties to determine their zoning code.


  • Zoning data is only available in select markets, but those markets will be increased over time.
  • City zoning is updated twice a year for the major cities and once a year for suburbs or satellite ciites.

Zoning Data

The Zoning Data layers behave similarly to the dataset layers you are already familiar with in LandVision.

They can be moved in the Layers Panel to place them in the order that makes them easiest for you to find based on your needs, as well as shown or hidden for visibility of the map.

  • Zoning - Zoning map polygons and data content.

  • Labels: Zoning - This layer displays the Zoning Abbreviation as an additional layer.

  • Zoning Overlay - This layer represents any special areas within a zone.
    For example: Restricted Areas, Use Permit areas, etc.

  • Labels: Zoning Overlay - This layer displays the Zoning Overlay Abbreviation as an additional layer.

Zoning Layers

LandVision Zoning layers also come pre-styled for ease of use right from the start.

However you can customize their look and feel by simply using the Edit Style option for all Zoning and Labels layers.

Zoning Map

The Zoning and Zoning Overlay data layers also has the familiar Tooltip popup for their respective areas.

Tooltip Defaults

  • Zoning - Zoning Description

  • Zoning Overlay - Zoning Abbreviation

As with any Tooltip though, this can be customized to show other or more detail that is available on that layer.

Zoning Tooltip

Zoning Overlay Tooltip

Zoning search filters are also available to help identify target zones in available areas.

  • Zoning Desc. - Search through all available "Zoning Descriptions" in the visible map area.

  • Zoning Abbrv. - Search up to 5 different "Zoning Abbreviations" simultaneously.

  • Title - Search through all zoning "Titles" in the visible map area.

  • Location - Search for Zoning data by City and/or State.

Zoning Filters

Zoning Filter Notes:

  • The default Zoning filter searches the Zoning layer.

  • If you wish to search the Zoning Overlay layer, a Custom Filter will need to be created.

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The Zoning layer can also be searched inside or around any selected zone.

  1. Identify and click on the zone you want to search. Then click the Search Area command.

Zoning Panel

  1. Fill in the fields needed for the Search Area.
    • Create a name for the Search Area

    • Optionally, select to Buffer:

      • Direction: In - Use this option to improve the search area ability to find items inside the zone, but not items that just border or partically intersect it.

      • Direction: Out - Use this option to search for features outside (or around) the selected Zone.

    • Then set the buffer distance and units of measurement.
Zoning Buffer

  1. The new Search Area can be used with another search.

    For example, once the Search Area has been created, you can use it as a filter in a Property Search, along with any other property filters, to find key properties in or around that zone.

Zoning Search Area

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