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Locate Zooms the Map to the Selected Location and Displays the Information Balloon

Address Enter the address including city name
(Example - Irvine, CA)

Auto-complete*: After typing in 3 or more numbers of an address, LandVision begins to populate the matching results. The matching results include all properties nationwide. To select any property from the auto-complete list, click on the address and the map automatically zooms to the property, and highlights and selects the property.

Intersection Enter the intersection including city name with an "&" separating the streets
(Example - Irvine Ave & Mesa Dr., Irvine)

Point of Interest Enter the desired location
(Example - Disneyland)

APN Enter the APN unformatted
(Example - APN: 1234567)

When you do an APN search, LandVision searches 50 miles in all directions from the visible map extent. All counties contained within the 50-mile search are searched in their entirety.

Contact* Enter the contact's name
(Example - Contact: John Doe)

Owner Name Enter the owner's name or portion of the owner's name.
(Example - Owner: John Doe)

The 5 closest matching results will be returned based on the center of your map screen.

Latitude/Longitude Enter in decimal degrees: Latitude, Longitude
(Example - 33.67474, -117.88395)

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*Feature only available in LandVision Commercial Edition

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