Debt Transaction Data

LandVision has the tools to help better strategize your next property acquisition. With debt and sale information you can access the debt history of a property which includes data such as loan amounts, origination dates, maturity dates, lender, interest rate, loan type, etc.

The Debt search filter will help focus your searches even further to quickly and easily find properties that could be ready to be sold due to a maturing loan.

1. Debt Data on the Property Panel

The Debt information for a specific property can be found directly on its information panel which makes it quick and easy to access this information at a glance.
  1. Locate a property on the map and click on it to open the information panel to the left of the map.

  2. Scroll down to the Debt Transactions card to view any loan information.

  3. Each transaction will be listed with the following summary information:
    • Loan Amount
    • Loan Date (Recording Date)
    • Lender

  4. To see more information on a specific loan, click the View full transaction command link for that loan.

    This will open the Debt Details Window, See next section below.

NOTE: The Debt Transactions displayed in this card reflect only transactions that have incurred an actual debt from a loan (ie. Deeds of Trust). Transactions that only reflect a change of ownership but incurred no debt will not be shown.
Debt Transactions Card

Debt Details Window

  • This window will provide more detailed information about the selected loan.

  • The Document No. command link will bring up the Document Images feature which will list any documents (deeds, deeds of trust, etc.) available for purchase and download.

    Note: Document Images is a paid add-on feature of LandVision.
    Click here for more details

Debt Details Window

2. Searching for Properties Using Debt Data

This search filter is located on the filter bar when the Property Search is active.
The Debt Filter
  • The Debt Filter provides the ability to combine loan criteria to any property search.

    Simply select the field you want by checking the box and entering the values to be searched.

Debt Search Filter

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