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Use Export to Mail Merge to export search results for customized mass mailings, including the creation of address labels, and the personalization of letters. The Export to Mail Merge feature is only available in LandVision Commercial and Builder editions.

Tip: Export to Mail Merge is particularly suited for public notifications and targeted outreach. A Property Buffer Search is a common way to target specific properties for those types of mailings (See Related Documents).

Note: To export your search results as address labels only, select the Address Labels option in LandVision™. It is on the same menu as Export to Mail Merge.

Exporting For Mail Merge

  1. Run a search and build a Search Results List that contains the properties you'd like to use in your mail merge.

  2. Click the Options icon Results List Options Icon at the top right corner of the Search Results list.

  3. Click Export for Mail Merge in the menu.

  4. Your results will download to a csv file.

  5. Open and/or save the export file to your computer.
LandVision Export Mail Merge
  • A csv (comma-separated values) file can be opened in spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel®.

  • You can export up to 2,000 search results to a csv file from the Search Results list. (The Search Results list may contain up to 20,000 search results.)

  • If you're looking for all condo properties to be included in your export, use Export to Mail Merge. Export to CSV only includes the parent parcel.

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