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With one command, LandVision™ enables you to view all of an owner's properties, and provides a list of the properties. You can save the list for future reference (See Related Documents below).

Tip: You might use this feature when prospecting for new business. If your interest centers on one property, increase your knowledge of that owner by seeing their entire property portfolio.

Finding an Owner's Additional Properties

  1. Identify a property by clicking on it.

  2. Scroll down to the Ownership card. Then, click on Owner Portfolio command at the bottom of the card.

  3. Click the Owner Portfolio command. LandVision™ zooms out to the full extent of all results identified on the map. The Search Results list opens and displays a list of all the properties owned with the same owner address.

  4. Note: The Owner Portfolio command is only available in the Commercial Real Estate and Builder Developer Editions of LandVision.
LandVision Find Add Props by Owner Menu
LandVision Find Add Props by Owner Menu

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