For properties identified in LandVision, you can also view Microsoft's Virtual Earth Oblique imagery (only available in select areas) without the inconvenience of leaving LandVision.
View properties in higher resolution and from multiple vantage points (North, South, East, West).

To use:
  • Select a parcel (outlined in green)
  • Look to see if the icon is showing in the upper left corner of the map. This indicates an oblique view is available for your selected property
  • Click on the icon to show the oblique view
  • Change your view (N, S, E, W) by clicking the icon
  • Zoom in and out of the property by clicking the and icons
  • To close the oblique view, click the

Digital Map will be covering these new features at the beginning of our Introduction to LandVision webinars occurring every Monday.

If you have questions or problems using these new features, contact Digital Map's Customer Success Team at:

If you'd like to view this document in the future, click on the "What's New" link in the upper right hand corner of your LandVision screen.

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