The new formatting toolbar in LandVision™ offers greater drawing and markup options, while simultaneously streamlining and standardizing the user interface.

With functionality more similar to popular office applications, users can more easily customize LandVision™ with their visual information.

  • General Tips
    • The Formatting Toolbar is located below the map screen, under the Draw Toolbar. It is visible when a markup is selected, including when a new markup is being created.   
    • The buttons on the toolbar will vary based on the type of markup selected (i.e. line, polygon, circle, label, symbol).
    • When you click on one of the formatting buttons, a selection box will appear above the button. To close the selection box, click the "x" in the upper right corner of the box.

  • Formatting Shapes
    • If a polygon or circle markup is selected, the following toolbar will display .   
    • Click the paint can icon     to change the fill color.
    • Select your fill color by clicking on the colored box of your choice from the palette, or click the arrow at the lower right to view additional colors. A black border will highlight your chosen color on the palette.
    • To change the transparency of the fill color, click and drag the slider to the left (more transparent) or right (less transparent).
    • Click the pencil     to change the line color of your shape. Follow the same procedure for selecting colors as outlined above for fill color.
    • Click     to change the line thickness. Choose desired line thickness from the selection box.
    • Click     to change the line style. Select either solid or dashed by clicking on the style of your choice.

  • Formatting Lines
    • If a line markup is selected, the following toolbar will display  
    • Click on the arrow     to modify the endpoint style of your line. Select preferred endpoints by clicking on your choice from the selection box.
    • To modify a line’s color, thickness, or style, click on the appropriate button (functionality described above in the formatting shapes section).

  • Formatting Labels
    • If a label is selected, the following toolbar will display  
    • Click     to change the font color.
    • Click     to decrease the font size by two points. Font size cannot go smaller than 2 points.
    • Click     to increase the font size by two points. There is no maximum font size.
    • Click     to change the font properties. A window will open displaying dropdown menus for text alignment, font style, font size, and font family. Simply select the desired values from the dropdown lists to change them.
    • The fill color and line color buttons work as describe above.
    • NOTE: unlike for other shapes, the most recently selected format for labels becomes the default. This means that, once you have formatted your label appearance, your changes will be reflected in all new labels you create.

  • Formatting Symbols
    • If a symbol is selected, the toolbar will display the     button.
    • Clicking on the     button will open a box with symbol options. You can select your desired symbol from this set of options.
    • NOTE: the most recently selected icon for symbols becomes the default.

  • Turning Shadows On & Off
    • To toggle a line or shape’s shadow on or off, activate the markup by clicking on it.
    • Right click and select “Toggle Shadow” to turn the shadow off (it is on by default).
    • Follow this same procedure to turn the shadow back on.


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