With Version 7.1 you can view up to three fields of property information on the same parcel label. More rapidly visually identify parcels with desired attributes and display the parcel information most relevant to your business.

Choose to display a single property field, or multiple property fields based on your visualization needs. Multi-line field selections include two fields (APN + Owner Name) or three fields (APN + Owner Name + Acres).

  • Navigate to your area of interest.
  • Right click and select “Parcel Labels” from the menu. The Parcel Labels dialog box opens.
  • Select the Label Style (information to be displayed on labels) and choose either the 2 line option (APN + Owner Name) or the 3 line option (APN + Owner Name + Acres).
  • Select either Property or Sales Information to display as the “Tooltip.”
  • If you want to filter for only certain labels, check the “Use Filter” box and type an Owner Name or partial Owner Name, select your criteria from the Land Use drop down boxes, or enter ranges for property attributes.
  • Click “Apply.”
  • To remove labels, right click, select “Parcel Labels” from the menu, select “None” from the Label Style box and click “Apply.”


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