To complement LandVision ™'s enhanced property and transaction data, we've added an Enhanced Property search form, new searchable fields to the Advanced Search feature, and more options with Export to Excel.

The Enhanced Property Search form combines a wide range of property criteria into one, easy-to-use search form and introduces greater flexibility in searching on date ranges and acreage.

New search fields and export options will allow you to customize your searches to an even greater extent and take full advantage of the new property data and analytical fields debuting in version 7.1.d.

  • Enhanced Property Search
    • From the Menu tab of the ledger, click on “Enhanced Property Sales” under the Property Search section.
    • To search on a custom date range, simply select the “Date Range” radio button under the “Date” section of the form and key in two dates, using the format mm/dd/yyyy.
    • To search acreage, you can either search “Assessor's” acreage, DMP “Calculated” acreage, or both.
      • Note: Because “Assessor's” acreage has only a moderate data population rate, DMP has leveraged its GIS expertise to calculate the acreage of each parcel based on its parcel boundaries. This creates an acreage field with a near 100% population rate.

  • New Advanced Search Fields
    • From the Menu tab on the ledger, select Advanced and then click on the first option, “Query Builder.”
    • The new searchable property and analysis data fields are listed under the Parcels layer. Select “Parcels” from the Layer pick-list.
    • The fields available as part of the “Parcels” layer will autopopulate in the Field box. Select the field you would like to include in your search.
    • Structure your custom search as you normally would, selecting a condition, inputting values, and building your search by connecting your search terms with the operators “and” & “or.”
    • You can also constrain your search using the “to Map Extent” or “to Selected Graphics.”
    • New data fields included in Advanced Search are: subdivision, deed type, lender, zoning, bedroom, bathroom, improvement %, building price per sq ft, lot price per sq ft, lot price per acre, estimated market value, and tax exempt 1 (home owner exemption).
      • Note: the zoning field included in the full property detail report and searchable under Advanced Search is zoning as reported by the assessor and may differ in currency/accuracy from zoning reported by the city.

  • Improved Export to Excel
    • Export to Excel now available on Results Lists created with the Advanced Search Form.
    • Advanced Export to Excel lets you select which fields you'd like exported for your results list.
      • Click on “Advanced Export to Excel” from the list of tools below the Results List.
      • A dialog box will appear. Check the fields you want to export to excel and click “Export.” Only those fields you selected will be included in the data export.


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