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Welcome to the 8.15 release of LandVision. This release is all about improving your access to information to help you more rapidly analyze properties and their markets and take your real estate decisions to the next level. A few highlights are:

  • Property Information Panel: Redesigned for Faster Information Access
  • Hazards Detail Card: A New Consolidated View of Property Risk Factors
  • General Usability Enhancements and Fixes

Keep reading below for more details on what's new in LandVision and for links to additional information on how to get the most out of these new features.

Streamlined Property Information Panel

The LandVision team is continuously looking to expedite our usersí access to information and increase the connectivity of related data sets. The newly redesigned Property Information Panel does just that with a streamlined Summary Card, more prominent and expanded Reports Card, elimination of duplicate data, and analytical quick links.

Redesigned Summary Card

The new Property Summary Card improves the grouping of related data elements, introduces a hazards summary, linking to details of 4 critical hazards (Flood, Wetlands, Brownfield Sites and Superfund Sites) and unmasks common adjacent ownership. Also, the popular Owner Portfolio feature is now available as a quick link off the Owner Name (donít despair, Corporation Wiki can still be accessed from the Ownership Card) as well as the Full Property Detail from the Parcel No.

Note: If you don't see the new Information Panel, you might have a custom Parcel Card. To reset your card and get the new layout, simply click the "Card Designer" command from the "More" dropdown at the bottom of the Summary Card. Wait for the card to load and click "Reset." Now enjoy your newly updated Information Panel.
Property Information Panel

Expanded Reports Card

An expanded Reports Card now appears below the Summary Panel, with new report links and an easy to access location.

Visit the links below to learn more about this feature:

Property Information Panel | Owner Portfolio

Expanded Reports Card

Hazards Detail Card to Better Understand Risk

Natural and Man-made Hazard data has always been available in LandVision. The new Hazards Detail Card aggregates this valuable information into a single view that is easily accessed from the Property Summary Card.

In a glance see if any of the most commonly encountered hazards impact your site with the Hazard Count field and then drill in for details on flood risk, wetlands presence, and nearby brownfields and superfund sites. Quick links make it simple to view the hazard layers on the map and measure the hazard distance from your site.

Visit the link below to learn more about this feature:

Hazards Detail

Hazards Card

General Usability Enhancements and Fixes

Adjacent Lots Owned

One of our most popular Builder Edition features has come to LandVision Commercial - the ability to identify common ownership on surrounding lots.

The Adjacent Lots Owned feature on the Parcel Card lets you view adjoining properties with common ownership and see the combined lot count and total size. You can also search for assemblage opportunities with the Aggregate Acreage and Aggregated Lot Width filter parameters. Discover a whole new world of development options.

Quick Links and Fixes

The 8.15 release brings new Map quick links for Demographics and Hazards to help you better visualize market dynamics and property risk. Turn on and off related map layers from the convenience of the Information Panel.

Also in this release are important fixes to our Card Designer feature letting you customize the Information Panel for standard LandVision data or imported data as well as fixes supporting IE compatibility.

Visit the links below to learn more about this feature:

Assemblage Search

Assemblage Search

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