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LandVision™ Version 8 has numerous other enhancements including cross browser compatability, new administration tools, data analysis, and more. Read the details of these enhancements below.

  • No browser plug-ins required
    • No Java plug-in
    • No Enhanced Print plug-in
  • Cross browser / cross platform compatible
    • Use LandVision on your Mac and from a wider array of popular browsers. Click here to view our system recommendations page to see the recommended browsers and system configuration
  • All new Administration Tools
    • User password retrieval and reset
    • Set up / manage users
    • Define permissions for users
    • Customize account specific data
    • Customize search forms
    • Customize map views
  • Data analysis
    • Data visualization
      • Customize the display of your search results to better fit your analysis needs
      • Customize the display of DMP licensed layers to give you more flexibility when analyzing data and creating maps
      • Access to the popular Bing™ Maps® street view for viewing and creating maps without aerial imagery
    • More Options for Working with Your Data
      • Add and edit records to your imported datasets
      • Create and edit your own layers directly through LandVision™
      • Define layer display rules to control when and where a layer can be viewed
      • Reconfigure the order of your layers through simple drag and drop within the legend

Digital Map Products now offers on-demand online training videos. These complimentary videos are designed to give you an overview of the software and demonstrate how to use selected product features.

  • Click here to view the on-demand training videos

If you have questions or problems using any of the new features of LandVision™ 8, contact Digital Map Products' Customer Support Team at:

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