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Digital Map Products is excited to announce the release of a new version of LandVision™, version 8.37. This new version includes usability enhancements and is the result of your valuable user feedback.

In version 8.37, our enhanced usability provides you with quick access to the information required for your research, analysis and presentation needs. Also, with our performance improvements, you will experience faster response times throughout the application.

Keep reading below for more details on what's new in LandVision™ version 8.37 and for links to additional information about how to use these new features.


A new enhanced usability is our new identify. LandVision v8.37 simplifies layer identification and returns links to each layer currently displayed and identifiable in the summary balloon. A number displays when there are two or more identifiable (or active) layers at your map-click, or search location.

When only a single layer is identifiable at a particular location, the link will say "no additional results.

Also, the summary window that appears when you search to or identify a feature is now movable. You can position the window anywhere on the map screen simply by clicking, holding, and dragging to your desired location.

New LandVision Identify

Visit the links below to learn more about these new features:

Information Balloon | Multi-Layer Identify

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