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This documentation details an advanced search feature, that will help you search across multiple datasets. Interested in finding commercial properties that are at least a half mile from a school or church? Or maybe you want to find all property owners for all gas stations in a city. The Include & Exclude Areas in Search command allows you to search across multiple datasets.

Include/Exclude Areas in Search

The Include Areas in Search and Exclude Areas in Search feature can be found in the search results box after you run a search. Choosing Include Areas in Search will take your search results and apply them as inclusion areas (or areas where you can limit your search to). Exclude Areas in Search will exclude any search results that overlap these areas.

Note: For point and polygon layers, you have the option to buffer around the areas your are including or excluding.

Note: In total you can have no more than 100 Inclusions and Exclusions at a time. You will receive an error message if you try to add more.

  • The Include Areas in Search and Exclude Areas in Search can be found in the Search Results box after you run a search. The option is available for any search including searches on point, line, or polygon layers.
    • Including the areas will allow you to search inside or around your search results
    • Excluding will exclude the areas overlapping or around your search results
Include Areas In Search


  • For Line and Point layers, you can set an optional buffer around the feature you are including or excluding.
    Note: The buffer option is only available for Points and Line Layers. Point layers require a minimum of a 1 foot buffer.
Buffer Inclusion

  • Remember to turn your Inclusions or Exclusions on by checking the box next to Include Area or Exclude Area.

    Note: If you switch to a different search filter, you will have to turn these on if you want to Include or Exclude any areas.
Check Include Area

  • With your Include Areas and/or Exclude Areas filters turned on, you can search and find the data you are looking for.

    • When you are ready to view your results you can Add to list. If you need help using the Results List you can click here to learn more.
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