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Creating a markup layer from your filter results is a fast way to transform a search into a customized visual display.

Creating a New Markup Layer

  1. Run a search that contains the properties you'd like to tie to a new markup layer.

  2. Click the down arrow in the Search Results box in the top right corner of the map.

  3. Select Copy to Markup from the menu. The Layers menu displays your new markup layer, for example, Search Results: Property Search.

    Note: Your new layer is temporary unless you save it.

  4. To save your new markup layer:
    1. Click the Options icon to the right of the layer name.
    2. Click Save as... in the menu. The Save Layer As... window opens.
    3. Select a Folder to save the layer.
    4. Enter the Name of the layer.
    5. Click the Save button. The Layers menu displays your saved layer.
      The Drawing icon identifies the layer as the target layer. You can draw on it, and place icons, labels, and overlays using the Drawing Tools in LandVision (See Related Documents below).

    Note: The Layers menu deletes the temporary markup layer when you close LandVision.
LandVision Copy to Markup

LandVision Filter to Markup Save As

LandVision Save Layer As

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