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Below you will find the most commonly asked LandVision™ questions. If you do not find the answer you need, please can contact customer support to speak with a team member for assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I access LandVision?

What do I do if I forget my password?

What happened to the parcel balloon?

What happened to the details balloon?

What happened to the identify command on my layers?

Why do some layers have colored outlines?

What are tooltips?

Why did one group's tooltips turn off when I turned them on for another group?

Why does it say "More Results" at the bottom of the tooltip?

Where is the commands list?

Where are the zoom in/out buttons?

How do I administer and manage users?

How do I reset my password?

Why do parcel lines not display?

How do I add a note or a document to a parcel?

Where is the measure tool?

Data and Imagery

How often is the data updated?

How do I access our custom imagery?

How do I view a property in Google Earth?

Searches and Results Lists

How do I search by owner name?

How do I locate by Parcel Number/APN?

How do I limit my search to a specific area?

How do I zoom to rectangle?

How do I interact with the result list?

Why are condo's missing from the result list?

Why are condos missing from the results list?

How do I modify the result list order and fields?


How do I print measurement labels on my map?

How do I print an identified property?

How do I print a map exhibit?

How do I prevent measurement label overlap?

Data Loader and Layers Panel

How do I upload a shapefile?

What does foreign key mean?

Can I upload a spreadsheet into LandVision?

How do I upload addresses/coordinates?

How do I use the table loader?

How do I customize the layer's panel display?

Integrated Esri Feature Layers

How do I add layers from ArcGIS to LandVision?

Create and Edit Markups

How do I delete a drawing?

How do I delete a site overlay?

What does target layer mean?

How do I delete everything in the markup layer?

Sharing Data

How do I create a new folder?

How do I share data with another person?

The folder I shared does not display

The person I shared my data with ?

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