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Browse through the LandVision™ Real Estate Best Practice library below to learn more about industry trends. Our whitepapers, articles and videos are great resources for the LandVision™ user looking to gain a more in-depth knowledge of how LandVision™ is being used and to take advantage of its full capabilities.

Whether you are interested in commercial, residential, or industrial real estate best practices, there is something for you in our collection. To get started, read the descriptions below then click on the image to the left to open the best practice video, whitepaper or article.

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The Mapping Advantage: Know Your Market Better with Mapping
In the world of commercial real estate it's important to understand your market. In this educational webinar we share tips and tools for analyzing market trends using mapping technology and illustrate how to use that information to your advantage.
Market Analysis Best Practices: Using Submarkets for Search & Analysis
This whitepaper shares how to take advantage of the resources and tools available in LandVision to map residential development submarkets and analyze sales and competitor activity to achieve actionable industry information.
Making the Most of Online Real Estate Data
This whitepaper discusses the many benefits of Parcel Boundary Data and why it's one of the most in-demand additions to real estate websites. Digital Map Products CEO Jim Skurzynski talks about how parcel boundaries improve real estate decisions and explains the complexities of this data set.
Submarket Analysis & Submarket Searches
This best practice article will walk you through how you can take advantage of the resources and tools available in LandVision to map office and industrial submarkets and to analyze sales activity in custom geographies by site characteristics.
Leveraging Technology to Better Market your Commercial Listing
This best practice paper shows you how mapping technology can help you better market your commercial listing to stay ahead of the competition. New spatial tools make it easier than ever to analyze your market and create custom listing collateral.
Coming Next - The Real GIS Revolution
Right of Way Magazine, July/August 2007
This article discusses how advances in GIS are changing the way companies do business and empowering them to identify trends, spot opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.

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