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Contact Management is an integrated solution to store, organize, and access your property and contact information. As a result, you can reveal new opportunities by better understanding and tracking your market, spend less time organizing information, and benefit from a centralized database that is conveniently at your fingertips, both in the office as well as out in the field.

Tip: Contact and Property Details can also viewed on LandVision™ Connect, the mobile app for brokers out in the field. For more information on LandVision™ Connect, refer to the Related Documents section.

Importing Contact Data from Microsoft® Outlook

  1. Export your contact from Microsoft® Outlook as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file

    1. To get to Outlook's Export Feature using...

      1. Outlook 2010
        1. Click File, then Options, then Advanced, and then locate the Export section and click the Export button

      2. Outlook 2007 and 2003
        1. To export Contacts select Export to a file, then Comma Separated Values, and then select the Contacts folder from the Outlook location tree
Export to CSV

  1. Import your Contacts into LandVision™

    1. Open the Layers by clicking the icon located on the Main Toolbar

    2. Click More Layers

    3. Select the USER folder in the drop down menu located in the top right corner of the window

    4. Expand the Load Data menu and click Contact Loader

    5. Select the contacts file previously exported from Outlook (check Replace Duplicates if desired), then click Upload
Broker Data Legend

Data Browse Layers

Import Contacts

    Note: Upon successfully loading records to the My Contacts layer, the notification area located in the top right corner of the browser window will display an icon and brief status pop-up.
  1. To use the My Contacts layer please see the My Sites and My Buildings sections below

Adding a New Contact to a Site

  1. Select a site on the map.

  2. In the Parcel Details window, locate Site Details and click Modify.
Site Selection for Contact Management
  1. In the Edit Site window, scroll to the My Contacts section.

    Adding an existing contact:

    • From the Contact drop-down menu, select the name of the contact you'd like to add to the site.

    • From the Relation to Site picklist, select their role (e.g. Owner, Investor, Manager or Other).

    • Click Add Contact.
Adding an Existing Contact

    Adding a new contact:

    • From the Contact drop-down menu, select select New.

    • In the Edit Attributes window, populate the contact's information. Click Save.

    • Returning back to the Edit Site window, select your newly entered contact name from the Contact drop-down menu.

    • Choose the role of the contact you would like to add by their title (e.g. Owner, Investor, Manager or Other.)

    • Click Add Contact.

Edit Attributes

  1. Select OK at the bottom of the Edit Site window. Your contact is now saved under your desired site.
  1. The site will then turn purple as default to indicate you have entered in custom information pertaining to that site location.

  2. Tip: To add multiple contacts with the same title to a single parcel, click the Add Owner button again. An additional name field will appear to enter in an additional contact.
Custom Site

Edit Style

Searching for a Contact

  1. In the Locate Bar at the top left of the LandVision™ screen, type in the name of the contact you are searching for. Select the correct name that is auto-populated for you.

    Tip: An alternative way to search exclusively for contacts is to select Contacts in the drop-down menu located to the left of the Locate Bar. This will add a ‘Contacts' prefix to your search and will only provide Contacts' results.

    Note: You can also search for a contact by their phone number.
Contact Auto-Complete

Contact Search
  1. A Contact Information window will appear to show the General Information and any Related Properties that contact is linked to.

    Tip: You can edit the contact's information by clicking on Edit Contact, or, if there are any Related Properties listed, by clicking on the address to view additional Parcel Details.
Contact Information

Viewing Contacts Related to a Site

  1. Select a site on the map.

  2. In the Parcel Details window, locate Site Details and click View.

  3. In the Site Details window, under the section Essentials, click View to the right of Contacts.

  4. From the My Contacts window, the site and contact information will display.
Site Details

Contact Search

My Contacts

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