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Use the Address Labels option to export your search results as formatted labels.

Exporting Address Labels

  1. Run a search and build a Search Results list based on your desired search criteria (See Related Documents).

  2. Make sure that the Search Results list contains your desired recipients.
    Tip: To refine your search results you can:
    • Modify your search criteria (See Related Documents below).
    • Pan the map, zoom in or zoom out. LandVision™ dynamically updates the search results based on the map view.
    • Perform a Property Buffer Search (See Related Documents). This is a quick way to define a custom search area around a specific property, point, or feature. For example, you might run a buffer search to create a list of residents within 1500 feet of a property you want to solicit.

  3. Click the Options icon Options Icon at the top right corner of the Search Results list.

  4. Click Address Labels on the menu. The Address Labels window appears.

  5. Perform the following in the Address Labels window:
    • Create Labels for the: Select the recipient type(s) for your address labels:
      • Owner: Exports Owner Address data. The owner address may be different than the site address. This is generally the case if the owner is not an occupant at the site address.
      • Occupant: Exports Site Address data.
      • Owner and Occupant: Exports both Owner and Site Address data.
    • Label Type: Select the label dimensions

  6. Click OK on the Address Labels window to export your labels as a word processing file, such as a Microsoft Word™ file.

  7. Open and/or Save your Address Label file.
Address Labels Search Results

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Address Labels Window

Address Labels in MSWord

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