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Welcome to the 8.10 release of LandVision. For this release, we've focused on improving your efficiency and workflows, and are pleased to introduce the following:

  • Customizing LandVision with Your Data
  • Powerful New Search Tools
  • General Usability Enhancements & Fixes
  • Enterprise Account Management
  • Data Updates

Keep reading below for more details on what's new in the latest release of LandVision and for links to additional information on how to use these new features.

Customizing LandVision with Your Data

Drag-and-Drop Spreadsheet Loading

One of the beautiful and useful things about LandVision is the ability to visualize and analyze your own data, in addition to ours. We're excited to introduce a new drag and drop interface, making loading your data easier than ever! With this, also comes the following enhancements:

  • Support for twenty-two of the most common file types, including Excel Worksheets (e.g. XLSX/XLSM), Excel Supported Text Formats (e.g. CSV) instead of one, as previously supported

  • Simplified dropdown options: choose from "Spreadsheet" or "Shapefile"

Note: Due to browser limitations, Internet Explorer 11 will continue to use the legacy data loader.

Visit the link below to learn more about this feature:

Drag-and-Drop Address Loader

Drag and drop sheets

esri example Pictured: Active pipelines in the city of Los Angeles

Enhanced Integrated Esri Feature Layers

When we first introduced Integrated Esri Feature Layers for our applications, the data presented could only be viewed and accessed by identifying specific features. With this update, you're now able to search the data that's coming from an ArcGIS server just like you would with any other data set, including the ability to:

  • Create Search Filters
  • Copy the Geometry
  • Add Searches to the Results List
  • Style from the Results List
  • Heatmap the Results List
  • Export the results to CSV
Note: LandVision users cannot actually change the data that's coming from the Esri server.

Visit the link below to learn more about this feature:

Integrated Esri Feature Layers

Bulk attribute Changes to your Data

Updating information for a layer is now easier than ever. The Results List now includes a new command, providing the ability to update the information in a custom layer all at once This can be performed by loading a layer into the Results List (whole layer) or by searching for specific sites and adding them to the list.

Visit the link below to learn more about this feature:

Bulk Attributes

Powerful New Search Tools

TOD search Example Pictured: Parcels that are over 1/3 of an acre with residential zoning that are within 500 feet of a transit stop.

New Search Capability

This new search capability takes something that has historically been limited to a GIS professional and makes it an everyday workflow. You are now able to search for desirable features in one data set, then limit the search of more data sets to those areas in just a few steps.

This feature can be used to buffer lines, points, or to search within multiple polygons.

Visit the link below to learn more about this feature:

Include Areas in Search

Filters and Styling

When searching for a point layer that includes a custom style, that style will continue to be represented in the search results. This includes custom icons and ramped styles and is limited to point layers.

Filter Halo

General Usability Enhancements & Fixes

filtered and clicked points in LandVision Pictured: A search result with a blue highlight and a selected feature that shows a green highlight.

We've taken the feedback from our users and made the following enhancements to ensure an easier and better experience in LandVision:

  • Point layers have a blue glow around them when searching and filtering, helping to differentiate them from selected points
  • Drawn polygons, lines, and points now have a rotate handle
  • Fixed minor bugs with the Overlay Site Plan
  • Fixed issues with saved Results Lists not retaining their sort order when opened again
  • Site Profile Report now includes a print button
  • Visit the links below to learn more about this feature:

    Drawing Tools | Results List | Site Profile Report

Enterprise Account Management

Single Sign-On

Accessing LandVision has never been easier. With this release we are now offering the ability to access LandVision with your standard login and password that you use at the office.

Note: Single Sign-On requires professional services to implement.

Data Updates

While our customers have been awaiting the latest release of LandVision, they have already had the benefit of experiencing the following updates:

  • Over 1 million new parcels in over 50 new counties have been added into the LandVision application platform in the past six months.
  • DMP has sourced, secured, and processed parcel geometry updates for over 500 Counties in the past six months.
  • Tax information has been updated for over 1,900 counties in the past six months.

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