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Welcome to the 8.14 release of LandVision. In this release we’ve enhanced some existing features to make them easier to use and more powerful in driving your real estate decisions. A few highlights are:

  • Property Debt Information: Current and Historical Loan Records
  • Expanded Opportunity Zone Data
  • General Usability Enhancements

Keep reading below for more details on what's new in the latest release of LandVision and for links to additional information on how to use these new features.

Property Debt: View Current and Previous Property Financing

Debt Transactions

One of the best kept secrets of LandVision has been the ability to search and view sale and debt transactions. Well, the secret’s out and we’ve made it easier than ever to view current and past loan information on a property as well as search for properties with certain loan attributes.

The new Debt section of the Property Panel shows you all the current and previous debt transactions for the current property owner, and includes a convenient details link to view the entire debt record. We’ve even linked the Document Number to our Document Images service so you can view the mortgage document.

Visit the links below to learn more about this feature:

Debt Transactions | Property Search

Debt Search and Property Loans

New Data to Find the Best Opportunities

Opportunity Zone Data

Our ever-popular Opportunity Zones feature got a big upgrade in 8.14 with new data and analytics that will help you better understand the market dynamics and hazard risks for properties within these tax-advantaged areas. With related data aggregated to the Summary Panel, you can quickly assess the Opportunity Zone’s suitability to your development and/or investment objectives.

Quick links on the Summary Panel let you view the Traffic Counts Map layer and the number of Brownfield and Superfund Sites near an opportunity zone property. The new Property Stats feature helps you understand the overall count and distribution of property types within a given Opportunity Zone. You can also view summary demographics for the area and a list of key businesses such as public and educational institutions, entertainment venues and healthcare centers that drive demand.

Visit the link below to learn more about this feature:

Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zone Panel

General Usability Enhancements

Property Panel Improvements

The Property Panel is your central hub for all things Property. With this release, we’ve reorganized the cards to prioritize the information you use most, added new data elements, and embedded quick links to additional information and map layers.

Three new Property Panel cards debut with 8.14 – Demographics, Debt, and Reports. Ownership and Last Market sale are in more prominent locations. And with our new quick links, you can link directly to Document Images from the Document Number on sale and debt transactions and turn on the Traffic Map Layer from the Site and Demographics cards.

New Property Search Fields

The ever-popular Building to Lot Ratio attribute is now available on the Property Search Filter so you can target your searches based on site utilization. Also included in the Property Search Filter are current loan attributes such as loan origination and maturity dates, loan amount, and lender name, all in a new Debt section.

Property Panel

Expanded Demographics Data

We’ve expanded our Demographics* data in LandVision with a new summary card, attributes, and statistics. Now you can access counts and percentages for population segments such as children, seniors, and college educated individuals. We also linked demographics into the Property and Opportunity Zone panels for more rapid access to this valuable dataset.

*Available standard in LandVision Builder and Commercial editions.

Visit the links below to learn more about this feature:

Property Panel | Debt Transactions | Document Images | Property Search | Demographics

Demographics Panel

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